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Acrylic on canvas.






Canada geese on Lee's River in Swansea, MA.




o  2nd Award Friends of East Greenwich Free Library "Winter's Eve Exhibit, 2019.

o  Juried into the Norris-Cotton Cancer Center's "Healing with Art" Exhibit, 2017.

o  Juried into the Stamford Art Association's "White" Exhibit, 2015.

o  Juried into the Pembroke Art Festival, 2013.

o  Juried into the Light, Space & Time Gallery's "Nature" Online Exhibit, 2013.

o  Exhibited in the Alta Luna Gallery's "Midwinter Blues" Exhibit, 2012.

o  Exhibited in the Alta Luna Gallery's "Small Pictures" Exhibit, 2012.

o  Juried into the Alta Luna Gallery's Harvest" Exhibit, 2012.


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